Big Blue Bubble has just released an update to both the free and paid versions of its Burn the Rope titles allowing players access to play a brand new puzzle each and every day. Puzzle hungry fans can log in daily to see a fresh, new challenge. Additionally, Big Blue Bubble is encouraging Burn the Rope fans to submit their own original puzzle ideas for possible development as a Puzzle of the Day!

Furthermore, anyone who submits a puzzle design has a chance to win a free T-shirt and of course “bragging rights, and the undying admiration of Wickman” should their puzzle is selected to become an actual game level. One puzzle will be selected every day so there’s plenty of opportunity to win.

“Puzzle of the Day strives to give users more influence over the kind of levels they most enjoy. With the ability to design and rate their own levels, players can create an experience they want and not what we think they want.” stated Dave Kerr, designer of Burn the Rope.” Plus, they’ll get a ton of new levels to solve!”

The update also adds a new Unlocking System in free version of the game, which makes it possible to “earn” every level in the original game, for FREE! So if you haven’t already checked out the game yet, now would be the perfect time to do so.