Spanish mobile game developer Smallwonders has just launched a new iPhone title Battle of Puppets Endless, in conjuction with their first online contest. The goal of the “Battle of Puppets Contest” is to “let all iPhone, iPad and iPod users get to know the famous and funny puppets and command one of their armies to demostrate their skills in the game in order to become, finally, ‘Master of Puppets’”.

By downloading and playing the Battle of Puppets Endless app, players can submit their scores into the comeptition which runs from December 1st (GMT-8) to December 22th (GMT-8). The player with the highest score at the end of the competition will be crowned the “Master of Puppets” and will receive a brand new iPod nano and a $25 iTunes gift card. The game features 5 different armies, so the top player in each of the other four armies will also recieve a $25 iTunes gift card and two more iTunes cards will be given out randomly to two contest participants.

If you are unfamiliar with Battle of Puppets, it is a beautifully stylized castle defense style game. You can read our full review of the original title here. Players must strategically control their hordes of marionette and send them across the show stage. Select and perform between five operas (or armies); Valkiria, Madame Butterfly, Carmen, Aida and Salome. You, the puppeteer, must strategically build units, upgrade your castle and outposts, and even cast spells using figure gestures to destroy the opposing forces and win the affection of the crowd.

Each of the 5 operas vary significantly in terms of relative strengths and weaknesses, unit types, building speeds, and most interestingly, how they are affected by changing weather conditions. While the original game was level-based, this special new free version ONLY offers an endless mode which is all about endurance, stamina and high scores.

How Do I Participate In The Contest?

It’s simple, download the Battle of Puppets Endless app and enter your details right within the app. Then you just need to play the game and your scores will be submitted automatically. You can view the current standings here.

Terms and conditions:

The contest will start on December 1st (GMT-8) and it will finish on December 22th (GMT-8). The score will be automatically sent after finishing a game in the new endless mode. So, player will have three week to demostrate his/her skills. The top player in each one of the armies will be awarded and the best one will become the ‘Master of Puppets’ and will receive a special award.

Two cards will be drawn amongst all participants, too. Winners will be announced on December 23 (GMT-8). is in no way affiliated with this contest and any and all questions should be addressed directly to Smallwonders. More info can be found at: