This Week’s Notable New Releases : The Destructopus, Picazzo & A Spider Named Jack


This week we saw a nice mix of genres, starting with puzzlers like Coatsink Software’s Pinch sequel, Pinch 2 HD (this time for the iPad) and Chillingo’s latest adorable character headlined physics-based puzzler Spider Jack from indie developer MaxNick. There were also a couple of great looking apps aimed towards younger gamers including Play And…


Silent Film Director Can Help You Become The Next DeMille Or Griffith


Silent Film Director is a fun application with a very simple, but clever concept. Brought to you by MacPhun LLC, a company that specializes in photography applications, Silent Film Director lets you record videos from your iPhone and 4th gen iPod Touch videos that are later rendered with your choice of the available video effects…


App Theft: Canabalt Stolen And Republished As ‘Free Running’?!


Semi Secret Software’s amazingly popular endurance running game Canabalt, appears to be the latest victim of App Theft. Imagine my surprise, when I was looking through this morning’s latest batch of free titles, and I see the screenshots attached to a new game called Free Running, look JUST like Canabalt. I thought it must just…


Infinity Blade Is A Game Of ‘Epic’ Proportions


Chair Entertainment’s maiden voyage into the App Store was initially met with mixed reception. While some praised its gorgeous graphics, hack ‘n’ slash gameplay, and abundance of weaponry, others criticized its linearity and lack of free-roaming ability. Now, almost five months on and with a substantial content update under its belt, Infinity Blade has to…