Noodlecake Teases Lunar Racer & Super Stickman Golf Goes FREE For Limited Time


Noodlecake Studios has released some information regarding their next title, Lunar Racer. According to Noodlecake co-founder Jordan Schidlowsky, “Lunar Racer is going to be great…it’s got multiplayer and it’s been described by some of our test users as ‘Tiny Wings meets Mario Kart meets Death Rally‘. Lunar Racer is a multiplayer 2D racing game with…


We’re Giving Away PROTOTYPE 2 Tees To Celebrate Radical Entertainment’s New PROTOTYPE-Themed iOS Games

ProtoSlice WebAd

Though Activision and Radical Entertainment’s PROTOTYPE 2 isn’t destined to grace consoles until April of next year, the marketing promotions for the game have already begun. Today, Radical Entertainment, in collaboration with Slice / Slice HD creator TwitchGames have launched PROTOSLICE™ and PROTOSLICE™ HD, which are free PROTOTYPE 2-themed versions of the popular Slice iOS…


Worms Crazy Golf HD Offers A Unique Experience On The Links

Whether or not you are familiar with Team17’s Worms franchise, Worms Crazy Golf HD is first and foremost, a solid and fun iOS golfing experience. For anyone who has never played a “Worms” game before, they are a series of strategy games that pit players against one another (in the form of cute little worms)…


New At Eleven : Poker, Aliens and Naija The Aquatic Girl


Well, here we are, just about an hour away from another batch of Thursday new releases… Starting things off, Chillingo and Colorbox are back again this week with new games to entertain you. Chillingo launches Poker Pals in four separate flavors (separate paid and ad-supported) releases on the iPhone and iPad. All four versions will…


Full Fat Games Celebrate Halloween & Guy Fawkes Nights With A 99¢ Sale On All iPad Titles


This week Full Fat Games celebrate Halloween and Guy Fawkes Nights with a 99¢ sale on all their iPad titles. Any Full Fat iPad release priced above 99¢ has been dropped to 99¢ for this sale. So be quick and grab any of these iPad titles that interest you before the prices go up. Flick…


Happy Halloween! Many ‘Wicked Good’ App Store Sales Ending Today


After Saturday’s snow storm that took out the power to hundreds of thousands of homes here in the North East, many towns have actually outright cancelled Trick or Treating this year. Help your son or daughter celebrate Halloween and forget that they won’t be in a sugar-coma come bedtime tonight by grabbing some new games…