Land-A Panda Is The Only Barrel Blasting Panda Bear Game You Need

One of my favorite quirky games for the iOS is “Meow Meow Happy Fight”, a twin stick shooter where you play as various anime & Japanese inspired….things like cats and vending machines vs other weird Japanese-inspired things. You really need to play it to “get it”. The first thing that drew me to Meow Meow…


Surprise! Warner Bros. Releases Scribblenauts Remix For iOS


Surprise! Out of nowhere Warner Bros. released a previously unannounced iOS version of Scribblenauts Remix. For some reason Warner Bros. kept this one really close to the vest. We got no press releases or advanced warning that there would be a Scribblenauts game coming to iOS.Ever since I saw the original Scribblenauts game announced for…


New Release Tuesday: Several Highly Anticipated Titles Appear On The App Store


It’s Tuesday, the other popular new release day for the App Store for their top-tier titles. More and more studio’s like Crescent Moon Games and Namco are ditching the usual BIG Thursday release date for Tuesday, where they might have a better shot at standing out. A number of interesting titles have come out today,…