Let The 8-Bit Retro Renaissance Begin…

It makes me feel old to realize that some of our readers may actually be too young to remember a time when 8-bit gaming was not considered “retro” and was just called “gaming”! If you are like me, and fondly remember a time when things were simpler and you just had a single button on your joystick and a graphics pallet of just 8 colors (100 if you count various shades of the 8 colors), then let the retro renaissance begin.

Meridian To Offer Up Some “Sweet” Time Management Later This Month

We’ve just gotten word from the fine folks at Meridian Digital Entertainment Limited that Amy, star of their Amy’s Burger Shop title, will be getting into the dessert business later this month. The game appears to play in a similar manner to Burger Shop, but this time around, Amy is responsible for making all manner of dessert items including pancakes, ice cream and cakes for her oddball bunch of customers. Gameplay video follows after the press release.