slayin-soundtrack-coverIf like me, you are really enjoying Pixel Licker’s great little retro endless RPG game Slayin and love chiptunes music, then here’s some news that will interest you.

Composer Matt “Norrin Radd” Creamer (Retro City Rampage) has just made his infectious chiptune soundtrack to the endless retro action-RPG iOS game Slayin available for purchase on bandcamp.

Now you can listen to the entire soundtrack for free or name your own price tag to buy/download for your listening pleasure offline. Featuring 24 tracks this 26 minute original chiptune soundtrack will transport you back to the NES-era as its 8-bit beats flow into your very grateful ear canals.

Just visit the Slayin soundtrack bandcamp page to buy or listen now.

Matt Creamer shares his thoughts on this project:

mattew-creamerSlayin marks the start of a new era in Norrin_Radd chiptunes. I ditched my old templates and constructed a brand new template from the ground up using dozens of new custom made NES samples. The result is a cleaner and much more flexible sound than my previous chiptunes, while still remaining entirely authentic. Slayin was a challenging soundtrack to create because unlike projects in the past, I needed to “score” this game, rather than simply write a good chiptune and call it a day. It turned out to be an amazing learning experience in how to properly formulate a “theme” and stick to it. The end result is what I consider to be my most accomplished collection of chiptunes ever, but I’ll let you be the judge.”

If you haven’t played Slayin yet (and you should), then you can read our full review or just download a copy for 99¢.

Purchase your own copy of Slayin for iOS: