Next month InstantAction (Marble Blast) will be releasing a fun-looking puzzle game, with a twist (quite literally).  Players tilt their device to shift the game’s perspective, turning floors in ceiling and walls into floors.  The gameplay looks somewhat reminiscent of SHIFT or TURN,  but with a big step up in graphical fidelity.  From the screenshots, the graphics look pretty stunning, so we are excited to check this one out when it gets released next month. No details on pricing are available yet.

Flipt 1

Here is the official press release:

GET FLIPT! InstantAction brings the most engaging and exciting puzzle platformer to the App Store to-date. With Flipt for the iPhone and iPod touch, players race to become the fastest to solve puzzles and blast their way away around deadly traps to unlock new characters and time trials.

Flipt 4The accelerometer has played a significant role throughout every step of Flipt’s design, meaning that players will be able to use the full motion controls to twist, turn and flip their way through the game.

Players guide their free runner forward, backwards, upside down and inside out through 20 urban themed levels. Players can flip the world allowing them to run on the walls and ceilings. Turn the puzzle on its head to tackle it from a new perspective.

Game Features
  • Touch-based controls
  • Distinctive accelerometer use
  • Immersive, uniquely stylized graphics
  • 20 increasingly challenging levels
  • No limits: Solve puzzles using all axes
  • Unlockable time trials and characters
  • Comprehensive tutorials
  • Leaderboards
  • Fluid parkour animation
  • Hi-fi sound


Gameplay Video