Six Spooky Games Who’s Appeal Will Extend Well Past Halloween

The App Store is loaded with Halloween-themed games. In fact, Apple even added this as a featured category, so we decided to share some of our favorite titles. A common problem with seasonal-themed games is that, while they are fun right around a particular Holiday, they quickly lose their allure once the special day has passed. Keeping that in mind, we selected titles that would not only get you in the Halloween Spirit, but that will also offer year-round appeal and entertainment. Our list spans all genres from memory matching, to a top-down racer, to a gorey dual-stick shooter. These games may be filled with creepy-crawlies, monsters and all the things that make Halloween great, but they offer entertaining core-gameplay that will keep you coming back to them all year long.

Family-friendly apps that fit any budget

In the waiting room? In line at the grocery store? Kids fidgeting and you need a distraction, but they are tired of the current game selection on your iPhone and want something new to play, and you don’t want to fill up your idevice with junk that you will never play…what’s a parent to do? Don’t worry, AppAddict is here to help.

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$2.99 Soosiz (Touch Foo) Soosiz is a wonderfully refreshing 2D platformer, that is probably the closest thing you will find to a Super Mario game on the iPhone.  It utilizes a brilliant gravity-shifting perspective mechanism very similar to that of Super Mario Galaxy.  Although, that’s not where the similarities to the scarlet plumber end.  As…