In true Straandlooper fashion we received this delightful email from D.I. Hector announcing a special one day FREE promotion for the original iPhone release of HECTOR : Badge of Carnage, to celebrate the games’ second anniversary.

This fantastic point and click adventure game for the iPhone which launched a trilogy of titles that we’re subsequently released published by Telltale Games. So enjoy the humorous letter below and make sure to grab your FREE copy of this absolutely brilliant game.

Hector 2nd Anniversary One Day Giveaway June 2nd!

No, that’s not an effin’ typo. Marking 2 years of triumphant reign, my Copper Jubilee celebratory act of uncharacteristic generosity, will be reluctantly handing over my iPhone game Hector: Badge of Carnage Ep1 on June 2nd, to the entire world, for precisely nothing in return. Sod a dog, I genuinely don’t know why I agreed to bleedin’ do this, but it’s happening. I had been drinking at the time, and it’s my fault for making a critical decision that early in the morning. 

Incidentally, if you check the news networks over the next few days, you’ll probably see communities all across the UK, celebrating this unique one day event. Street parties, Union Jack waving, blowing chunks in the daytime, the Queens Address, all a true testament of how one small but pivotal event, can unite a country, and humanity.  

As if that wasn’t enough….

What the hell, I’m on a roll. Once all you tight gits have downloaded me game after coughing up zero smackers, you’ll need some down-time to actually play the arsin’ thing, free from pointless distractions like earning a living. At the risk of plummeting the economy into deeper brown-stuff, Brits, don’t bother going into work the next few days, have an extended weekend on me. Thanks Uncle Hector.

So while you’re all off fingering iDevices, I’ll be downloading a few crates of iBeer through that big hole in my iFace, reflecting on all the sales I could have bagged, if I wasn’t so god-damn generous.

D.I. Hector
Clappers Wreake Police Service.