I have been using the DVD Profiler PC application to keep track of my DVD & Blu-Ray collection for years. So I was really excited to find out they had an iOS version of the program that I could use while not in front of my PC.

This is such a highly customizable, feature-rich application that it would be impossible to cover all that it can do, so instead I’ll focus on some of the core features.

DVD Profiler for iOS can be used either in conjunction with the desktop app, or standalone. To start off, you can either create a new database for your collection on your iOS device, or you can sync with the existing database on your PC.

Collections are broken into three categories–Owned, Ordered and Wish List. Adding DVDs/BDs to your collection is simple–just search by title or UPC (you can even scan the UPC code using your iDevice’s camera), or browse a list of upcoming titles by release week. When a title is added to your collection, it includes all of the DVD specs (runtime, aspect ratio, cast, crew, etc) as well as the front and back cover scans. Personalize each title by adding your purchase details, when you last watched the title, or who you loaned it out to.

Now that you’ve added your media, Invelos Software has included a number ways to browse your collection. You could simply view one of your Owned, Ordered or Wish List categories as a list, sorted by over a dozen different fields such as purchase date, release date or title. If you want more granularity, define your own filters for extensive searches, or do a simple text search if you are looking for a particular title. Still not finding what you are looking for? Browse your collection based on Loan status, Watched status, cast, crew, etc., the possibilities are nearly endless.

Looking for something to watch, but can’t decide? Well, just shake your device and the app will pick something for you to watch! From each title, you can also view trailers, reviews (from MetaCritic, Rotten Tomatoes or other DVD Profiler users) from within the app itself.

There is an extensive charts feature that lets you generate all sorts of charts & graphs based on genre, media type, purchase dates and more. While I don’t really use this feature, I could see it being fun for those who like to see statistics or trends on their collections.

The only feature from the desktop app that I haven’t been able to find in the mobile app is the ability to sync your collection online. The desktop app allows you to upload your data to the DVD Profiler web site, so you can give your friends a URL to view your collection. Unfortunately I have not found a way to do this directly from the app as well.

In Conclusion

To say that I buy a lot of TV shows and movies on DVD and Blu-Ray is an understatement, so I find this app invaluable to see a list of upcoming releases, and keep track of what I already own and ordered. It’s great that I can now have my collection in my pocket so if I’m at a store and see a deal, I can check my collection to see if I already own it (yes, sometimes I forget), or check what I paid for a previous TV season to see how good the deal is. All of the details of my collection are easily accessible with DVD Profiler for iOS. In fact, I’ve found that I now use this app far more often than the desktop version. I highly recommend the DVD Profiler app to anyone who has trouble keeping track of their DVD/BD collection.