Phosphor Games has launched the following trailer for their upcoming game, The Dark Meadow.

It is a first-person action/adventure title “backed by an unbounded story of intrigue, regret and revenge, and a navigation scheme and in-game combat similar to that of Infinity Blade.” The game takes advantage of the graphic horsepower of the Unreal Engine 3.

The Story

You wake in the bed of a hospital long ago fallen to stunning ruin, not knowing or understanding why you are here. You are greeted by the only normal looking person in this world, who sends you on a quest to gather what you need to track down and defeat the evil presence that has you trapped in this never-ending parallel world. The decaying hallways and rooms are haunted by creatures relentlessly hounding your every move. As you explore, you learn more and more about the mystery from the world and what you find in it, evidence to be gleaned from the environment, snippets of the past of this forsaken place, words and writings from others who have been trapped here, and you look for clues of how to get out.

Below are a teaser trailer, followed by the official gameplay trailer.