Las Vegas-based WET Productions has followed up their My Virtual Girlfriend simulation app (which was first released in May of last year) with My Virtual Boyfriend, this time appealing to the female iOS crowd.

Like it’s predecessor, My Virtual Boyfriend is meant to be a lighthearted and humorous dating sim for iOS devices. The game boasts hundreds of guys, all with unique personalities based off of humorous male stereotypes: the Alpha male, The Geek, The Urban male, The Metrosexual and the Nice guy.) The goal of MVB is to persuade the male into falling in love with “the girl” by progressively getting to know him better and appealing to his personality through various interactions.

The game plays out over 20+ levels and players can customize their suitors’ hair, clothing, face, even name. You interact with your dates through a variety of gestures, actions, activities and through touch. It is a tongue in cheek (no pun intended) choose your own adventure-ish approach to dating. See if you have the right moves to win a guy over and win the game. However you’ve gotta be careful, do or say the wrong things too often and there will be consequences or worse yet…a break up.

Regarding the app’s mature subject matter and 17+ rating, WET Productions did issue the following disclaimer:

This game is intended for adults ages 17+ for mild profanity and mature themes. Although there is some sex appeal to the game, There is no SEX, Porn, nudity or any other objectionable material for that matter. It’s just a game that’s intended for a mature audience. Furthermore, this game is not to be taken too seriously, It’s not meant to replace a real girlfriend, we claim no responsibility for, marriages (or divorces for that matter) that may occur as a result of the experience. Please consult with a physician before engaging in any sexual activity.

The app is available in both a FREE lite version and a paid 99&cent release.