Chillingo is quickly becoming one of the most prolific publishers in iOS, delivering one or two new titles a week! Fresh off their weekend iPad-friendly sale, Chillingo has decided to up the ante and release THREE new games this week. The titles include: Swords & Soldiers, Finger Shoes, Torture Bunny. It actually looks like it was nearly four new games as someone jumped the gun and made Tickled Pink GamesOne Man Army live for a short period of time late last night, but it is no longer available on the app store.

Swords & Soldiers

Perhaps the most anticipated of today’s new releases is Swords & Soldiers a tower defense game from developer Two Tribes. The game was already available for PSN, WiiWare, PC and Mac, but now it finally makes its debut on iOS.

When the plot of the game consists of an army of Vikings on a quest to create the ultimate BBQ sauce and Aztecs trying to defend the Holy Pepper, you know that you are in for some offbeat fun. With great looking graphics and crazy troops and weapons including dart blowers, giant boulders and even ninja monkeys Swords & Soldiers promises to be an entertaining new entry in the action/strategy genre. The game is available for $2.99 (iPhone) and $4.99 (iPad).

Finger Shoes

These fingers were made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do in this new title developed by Kaxan Games.

Using your fingers as your legs, you try to navigate your way along 3D environments. From schoolyards to the South American Rainforest, you must avoid obstacles while tapping the golden squares along the way. There are even special sneakers to collect, achievements and global leaderboards. Finger Shoes is an interesting concept, and I guess we’ll find out soon enough if the game has legs. Finger Shoes is available for 99¢ (iPhone) and $1.99 (iPad).

Torture Bunny

Chillingo’s other Kaxan Games-developed title is Torture Bunny.

A rag-doll physics style game/sim where you build your own torture chamber filled with various instruments of pain including giant spring loaded boxing gloves, pies, electrodes, trash compactors and the like and then proceed to torture the unlucky bunny to earn points. For all you budding masochists out there this game is available for 99¢ (iPhone) and $1.99 (iPad).