If you’re reading this review, then you’re probably like me: you love all things zombie. If so, this app is for you. Appy has put ten zombie-themed games (from ten different developers) together in one app for only 99¢, and it’s certainly worth the money. Appy’s own title Zombie Pizza is part of the collection and each of these games is also available individually for at least 99¢, so this bundle potentially offers a pretty significant savings if more than one of the included titles interests you.

Here’s a breakdown of all the games (in no particular order):

Draw Slasher: Dark Ninja vs Pirate Monkey Zombies


You control a ninja monkey who fights off zombie pirate monkeys. How can you lose with that premise? Use left and right buttons to move back and forth to find the zombies as they come out of the woods (from a pirate ship). Slash the screen to make your ninja cut the zombies into bits. Simple and very effective!

The Zombie Whale Hole


I originally wrote this one off, but boy was I wrong. There’s a zombie whale in a hole in the ground. He’ll suck any animals down that he can, so you have to plug the hole while animals cross on the tree branch above. Originally I thought, it takes no skill to play this. That’s a trap. The game starts using all manor of tricks to get you to let go. Sadly, they actually caught me, most of the time. I don’t want to spoil what’s going on, so just try it. Sadly, the replay value isn’t the highest once you’ve figured out the tricks.

Zombie Saw


I don’t know what this has to do with zombies, or a game. There’s a buzz saw. Hold it vertically, nothing happens. Hold it horizontally, it turns on, drops to the side of the screen, then sprays blood. Woohoo. Yeah, that’s all it does.

Zombie Apocalypse Manual


Helpful tips for surviving the zombie apocalypse. There are hundreds in here, and they’re not too bad.

Apocalypse Zombie Fish


Using a power gauge, tap the screen to throw a pipe bomb at zombie fish. Tap again to blow them up. You’re scored on how high the fish flies and you get bonuses for blasting multiple fish in one shot. Pretty fun and addictive.

Zombie Karts


Do you like Mario Kart? If so, this is a very simple knock off using zombies. Amusing cart racing with tilt steering controls and weapons. While it has a few small faults (like being able to drive through trees), overall it’s pretty fun.

Zombie Invasion


A simplified survival shooter. You stand in the center of the bottom of the screen and shoot (by tapping) on zombies that are quickly advancing your way. How long can you survive before you get eaten? The longer you go, the better weapons you can get to make killing them easier.

Zombie Pizza


A classic time management iPhone title. The zombies are hungry! You have to make pizzas for them as the ingredients blaze past you on a conveyor belt. Chaotic and massively fun.

Zombie Nombie


This is just a little time waster app. You have a zombie’s head and you can poke and prod it to amuse yourself. The zombie is very responsive and entertaining, to be honest. You can also add accessories to him, and put a timer in his head. I found the timer feature quite helpful around the kitchen.

Def Con Z


This is a platformer very reminiscent of Adventure. You’re jumping and shooting your way around the zombies. It’s not too bad, but the controls could be a lot better.

In Conclusion

For the price, Appy’s All-In-1 ZombieBox is absolutely great and a must-own for zombie fans. There’s at least one or two games in here that will please everyone. Don’t go in expecting a masterpiece and you won’t be disappointed.