Being in academia, this was a fun app to review. I’m currently enrolled in a Zoology course that has about a dozen dissections in the lab. We’ll be cutting everything open from a clam to a pig. Of course, we’re doing the ever classic frog as well. While I wish there was an iPad app for each of these, having this one is an absolute jewel.

When I downloaded Punflay’s Frog Dissection app during one of my other classes, I could hardly wait for my teacher to finish. I rushed straight over to the Biology department and sat down with a few teachers I’m friends with. We inspected this app inside and out. Seeing their reactions, was like a little kid given what would soon become their favorite toy. They were wide-eyed and showing anyone that walked by.

The app has four sections to it…here’s the breakdown:

All About Frogs

This section is filled with loads of great information about frogs. It has things like classification, appearance, living habits, life cycle, organs, etc. All the info is well organized and very accurate and detailed.

Human vs Frog

This section breaks down frogs and humans and addresses their homology. It is presented by organ system and the images are top-notch.

Wet Lab Process

Detailed here, are all the steps taken in a lab for dissecting a frog. The images are crystal clear and very simple to follow.


It’s so cool, even the app lists it in all caps. It walks you through every step in the dissection with written and voice commands. Using the touch screen, you methodically open up your virtual frog. Once you get it all the way open, you can move around organ-by-organ and get great information. Again, everything is both spoken and in text. The sheer quality of this procedure on the app shows that it was either designed by a teacher or someone that’s studied Biology in depth.

While going through the app with my teachers, we could only find one single flaw with it: The spleen looks pretty strange for a frog’s spleen. If that’s the only problem here, I can honestly say that it’s a job well done. The only other complaint I have is that this app is iPad-only. If this was a universal app, a sizable chunk of my classmates would have the opportunity to work with it as well.

In Conclusion

If you’re studying Biology, this app will make the perfect study-aid for your dissections. I honestly can’t recommend it enough!