French developer, Egg Ball, has just released their second app for the iPhone/iPod Touch titled Woolly Factory. Here is some more information which Egg Ball provided us regarding the game:

Woolly is a kindly old grandma, who needs your help sorting all of the wonderful creations in her sewing shop, so that she can send them out to her customers as soon as possible. You must arrange Woolly’s delicate crafts into sets of three (or more) by swapping them around, getting combos when possible in order to accumulate the big points.

Game Features
  • An original and graphically rich universe
  • Familiar match-3 style gameplay
  • Unlockable skins: Customize the game through a series of skins which can be unlocked when your score reaches a new milestone, or when you achieve a secret objective. Egg Ball promises regular updates will be available to download on the AppStore to make your Skin list grow.
  • 20 different levels
  • Game is automatically saved (even when you push the HOME button)
  • iPod music keeps playing at game launch
  • Optional vibration feedback (only on the iPhone)
  • OpenFeint integration with 42 achievements and a global high score leaderboard.

The game is currently on sale for 99¢ for its first week on the App Store.


Game Trailer