Utopian Games, the folks behind the excellent physics-based puzzle game Tumble Jumble have submitted their next title, DropZone, to Apple and hopefully it’ll be hitting the App Store sometime in the next week or so is available on the App Store now for 99¢.

DropZone is simple pick up and play game designed for players of all ages. The idea is to drop as many balls past all the obstacles as you can. Each ball which successfully avoids the obstacles, plays a random musical note and increases the progress bar at the bottom of the screen, giving you and idication as to how close you are to the next level. As you progress from level to level, the game continues to get increasingly more difficult, with additional (and faster) obstacles appearing to block your path. Extra lives can be collected at the end of each level (100 points).

The game uses the increasingly popular doodle cardboard art style. DropZone’s soundtrack is performed by a member of the Finnish band Alamaailman Vasarat who’s been writing music for games for 11 years (he’s the dude with the beard on the right). This appears to be the type of game you’d pull out for a quick distraction and end up battling for the top score on the leaderboard. DropZone should be appearing on the App Store soon, and will be priced at 99¢.

UPDATE: Utopian Games has just sent us word that DropZone is now available on the App Store.


Gameplay Video