The two new game modes for TILTtoLIVE which developer One Man Left announced just over a month ago, are now live on the App Store, so update now. They may be a couple days late, but well worth the wait! The two modes, Gauntlet and Code Red each have their own new leaderboards, as well as some new Awards.

We’ve had a chance to check each of these new modes out and they are both fantastic. Gauntlet mode is a fun, almost maze-like experience, where you must weave your ship in and out of moving objects collecting balls to keep the round going, miss too many of the balls or get hit three times and the game is over. Code Red, allows you to skip the slow build-up of Classic Mode and get right to the good stuff, with a larger amount of evil red balls on the screen right from the get go. It is a much more frenetic challenge with higher risk, but greater rewards.

Below are more detailed descriptions of the new modes which were provided to us by One Man Left:

Gauntlet Mode

Run the Gauntlet to put your precision tilting skills to the test! In Gauntlet mode, players compete for the longest survival time rather than highscores or combos. Enemy waves will no longer relentlessly chase you. Instead, the dots work together to form an increasingly difficult treadmill course of smashers, battle axes, windmills, and more. It’s an entirely new gameplay experience! The difficulty curve will be comparable to our Classic gametype, a crescendo from manageable to kick-your-butt. Early dot obstacles and gameplay are showcased in our teaser video (see below), and even more sinister twists are in development as we speak.

Code Red

Rather than guiding players along a polite difficulty curve, we’re chucking them off a difficulty cliff with Code Red mode. This gametype is best described as “Classic mode on crack”. Everything from Classic is there, but the red dots will spawn at their highest intensity right from the start. It’s tailor-made for experienced players that “just wanna get to the good part” without enduring the buildup.

One Man Left promises that these updates are just the beginning…we can’t wait to see what they come up with next!