Who Says There’s No Such Thing As A Free Ride…Snuggle Truck Goes Free


Owlchemy Labs has made their hit game Snuggle Truck free for a limited time and added additional level packs, skins, fixes, powerups, and more to boot! In order to allow as many people as possible to experience this fantastic game, Owlchemy Labs have not only eliminated price as a barrier to entry, but they’ve just…


Scribblenauts Remix Is Both Creative And Imaginative, Yet Baffling And Frustrating

Scribblenauts can best be described as a great artist, on the one hand wildly creative and imaginative, yet baffling and frustrating on the other. The game has the basic mechanics of a platform game, but it’s true innovation lies in the ability to conjure objects at will to interactive with in the levels. What kind…


Incredible 99¢ Deals Including Scribblenauts Remix, Contre Jour HD and SHADOWGUN


It looks like 11/11/11 is the day the App Store decided to go CRAZY with amazing 99¢ deals! Some really huge titles just dropped to 99¢ including Scribblenauts Remix, Contre Jour HD and SHADOWGUN! I can’t imagine these sale prices will last long (through the weekend if you’re lucky) so grab them while you can….


Video Review: Otterbox Commuter Series For iPhone 4/4S

Hey everybody, today I look at the newly updated (and improved) Otterbox Commuter Series for the iPhone 4/4S. Features Access to all buttons and features Silicone plugs provide coverage for ports Includes a self-adhering protective film Self-adhering clear screen protector Durable silicone skin High-quality polycarbonate outer shell Additional Product Images


New At Eleven : Gangs, Robots, Ninjas & Knights


And the hits just keep on coming…. The following fresh new batch of titles from hit-making publishers like Chillingo, Gameloft, Com2uS, Atari, Crescent Moon Games, FDG Entertainment and newcomers Uppercut Games will be launching just 4 hours from now. From side-scrolling action, to bullet-ridden gang fights, platformers to puzzles, retro to revolutionary…tonight’s batch of new…


Gameloft Drops The Price of Five More Action-Packed Titles To 99¢ Each


Echoing the sale they had last month, Gameloft has just kicked off another big 99¢ sale on 5 of their action-packed titles. I’m not sure of the reason for the sale, but I’m a little surprised the first two Gangstar titles were not included, seeing as Gangstar Rio: City of Saints hits the App Store…