2Heroes Hijacks Firemint’s Flight Control


In what appears to be the latest case of App theft, publisher 2Heroes looks to have basically stolen Firemint’s insanely popular path drawing game Flight Control and released it (today) as their own game titled Filght – airport commander. If you look at the screenshots, I’d say it’s pretty clear that they lifted Flight Control’s…


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty Needs Another Shot of Serum


Heading into the weekend, Captain America : The First Avenger is still hailing in the top 5 of the US Box Office charts and so I figured this would be a good time to review Marvel Entertainment’s Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty. The game, while based on the same popular Captain America Marvel superhero, follows…


Kard Combat Is A Fun, Free, But Somewhat Flawed Strategy Game

Kard Combat

Richard Garfield. That name means a lot to gamers around the world. In fact, without him an entire portion of the gaming industry likely would never have grown to the heights it has. If you are not familiar with the name, you likely are not a Magic: The Gathering player, or simply haven’t read the…


Has Apple’s Swiss Website Accidentally Leaked The Official Specs of The iPhone 5?!


Could these be the actual specs for the forthcoming iPhone 5?! I was just alerted to this video which appears to show the complete iPhone 5 section of the official Swiss Apple website. Supposedly someone accidentally made the site live for a short period of time. It looks pretty legit first going through the image…


Cranky Cat Is The Lively Scrappy Newcomer In A Somewhat Tired Genre

Cranky Cat Screenshot A

Every once in a while you stumble upon an interesting looking game figuring you’ll try a level or two, only to find yourself 30 minutes later…still playing! This was the case for me with March Entertainment’s latest title, Cranky Cat. Perhaps the best way to describe the game is Bust-A-Move in the round with a…


Head To Head Multiplayer Is Coming to Gamedoctors’ ZombieSmash!


The hit Zombie flicking extravaganza known as ZombieSmash! is about to get a little more competitive… Gamedoctors, are scheduled to roll out an update to ZombieSmash! this Thursday (for both the iPad and iPhone releases), which will add head to head multiplayer action via Game Center. I had an opportunity to get a early hands-on…