Another Visit To The Portable Podcast


This week, host Carter Dotson invited me back to The Portable Podcast (Episode 92) to discuss my slum lord status on NimbleBit’s Tiny Tower, Capcom’s new Street Fighter IV Volt game and its interesting pricing promotion. We also ponder whether the huge number of App sales are devaluing the price of Apps. Finally Carter interviews…


Tag Games Announces New Self-Publishing Brand ‘Tagplay’ & Shift Toward A Freemium Pricing Model

Car Jack Streets 2

Tag Games, the Dundee, Scotland based development studio, responsible for iOS hits like Car Jack Streets™, Astro Ranch and Dr Who: The Mazes of Time have decided to launch a new brand called Tagplay. The intent of Tagplay to better differentiate between the company’s commission-based work (which will continue under the Tag Games brand) and…


Magic Hour May Just Make Some Of Your Other Photo Apps Obsolete


One of my favorite categories in the iTunes App Store is ‘Photography’. Why? well, besides having a romance with photography, I believe that these apps provide us with the tools necessary to enrich our social media experience and truly share our view of the world with our friends and families. With the great camera quality…


Firemint 48-Hour Sale! Save Up to 80% on Real Racing 2 HD and More


48-Hour Sale! Up to 80% off! Firemint, the studio behind the popular Real Racing and Flight Control franchises has slashed the prices on all of their games for 48-hours. So if you’ve had either Flight Control HD or Real Racing 2 HD on your wishlist, now might be the perfect time to pick them up….