Video Review: Premium Leather Apple iPad 2 Smart Cover Case (Dark Wheat)


I recently picked up a several new Chinao cases for the iPad 2 in a variety of materials and textures. Chinao offers an impressive number of styles and quality, and today I’ll be focusing on their Premium Leather Apple iPad 2 Smart Cover Case in the Dark Wheat color. Enjoy the review! And as usual,…


It’s No Joke…ThinkGeek’s iCADE Gaming Cabinet For The iPad Is Now Available


Arcade fans can rejoice now that the iCADE, which started out as one of ThinkGeek’s annual April Fools’ Day joke products is now an order-able reality. In case you’ve been living under a rock, the iCADE is a retro-style gaming cabinet for the iPad and iPad 2. It has been specifically designed to safely hold…


All Of McGraw-Hill’s Everyday Mathematics® Apps Are Free Through June 29th

During this week’s International Society for Technology in Education conference, McGraw-Hill Education has made each of its Everyday Mathematics® apps absolutely FREE. They want to give teachers and parents the opportunity to download them and offer feedback. The Everyday Mathematics® line of apps is meant to offer students from Kindergarten through 6th grade, a quick,…


Hothead Games Announces Kard Combat From The Creator of Magic: The Gathering


Hothead Games (Chromanoids™, Cell Bound™) recently announced that their next game will be a single and multiplayer strategy card game for the iPhone and iPad called Kard Combat. The title comes with a fairly nice pedigree seeing as it was co-designed by Richard Garfield, the creator of the insanely popular Magic: The Gathering. The game…


This Week’s Notable New Releases : Sonic, Ninjas & Plenty of Freemium Social Gaming

Mille Bornes

We’ll start things off this week with a few titles that look very promising, but who’s lack of online multiplayer might ultimately hurt them. The first of these is Mille Bornes®, which is available in separate iPhone and iPad releases. French for ‘a thousand milestones’, this is the classic French ‘road race’ card game that…