Puzzle Quizes Offers Some Tasty Logic Puzzle Food For Thought

Puzzle Quizes, the latest mind-sharpening app from the Grabarchuk Family, is a digital puzzle book app with a collection of 100 varied logic puzzles. When I first saw this app appear on the App Store, it immediately looked very familiar. That’s because Puzzle Quizes has mix of “the best” puzzles from the Kindle Puzzlebook: 100…


Mini-Monsters Offers A Stunning, Detailed & Up Close Look At All Things Creepy-Crawly

As a studying entomologist, I enjoy any chance to go into full bug-geek mode. Mini-Monsters was the perfect chance. This app is an amazing collection of highly detailed imagery of insects, arachnids, and a few other groups of small animals. Each photo has been taken with and electron microscope and then professionally colored. While that’s…


MADFINGER Games’ SHADOWGUN Offers Players A Gears of War-like Experience On Their iOS Device

Czech Republic-based Development Studio, MADFINGER Games (Samurai: Way of the Warrior, Samurai II: Vengeance) has really pulled out all the stops for their newest title, SHADOWGUN. Created using the Unity engine, SHADOWGUN is a single-player tactical third-person shooter with “sticky” destructible and indestructible cover environments. One look at the game and you can’t help but…


Phosphor Games Releases Trailer For Its Delightfully Creepy Looking Adventure Game, The Dark Meadow


Phosphor Games has launched the following trailer for their upcoming game, The Dark Meadow. It is a first-person action/adventure title “backed by an unbounded story of intrigue, regret and revenge, and a navigation scheme and in-game combat similar to that of Infinity Blade.” The game takes advantage of the graphic horsepower of the Unreal Engine…


Final Week Of Oceanhouse Media’s Back to School Sale Drops All ‘Smithsonian Series’ omBooks To $1.99


Oceanhouse Media has kicked off the fifth and final week of its big ‘Back to School’ Sale. This week, all three titles in Oceanhouse Media’s ‘Smithsonian Series’ of omBooks (Oceanhouse Media digital books) have been discounted to $1.99 ($1 off) through October 2nd. These titles are perfect for any dinosaur or penguin loving child. Like…