Infinity Field HD Gets Cool New Multiplayer Co-op Mode Powered By Joypad


The iPad release of FORZEFIELD Studios’ frenetic dual stick space shooter, Infinity Field HD, has just gotten a really cool new update…two player co-op via Joypad. That’s right, now you and a buddy can have each other’s back as you blast your way through loads of vibrant and colorful enemies TOGETHER, each controlling the action…


iCade Producer, ION Audio Shows Off A Number Of New iDevice-Related Products At CES


ION Audio, producers of the popular iCade retro gaming cabinet for the iPad (which as of today now supports PAC-MAN for iPad) have just announced a number of new and interesting products at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (going on right now in Las Vegas, NV). The varied list of products which make direct use…


Capcom’s Street Fighter IV : Volt Offers iOS Gamers A Faithful Street Fighter Experience

Whilst small errors here and there detract from the overall fluid fighting experience, Street Fighter IV: Volt has a lot of great features going for it that more than justify its rather hefty price tag. I remember owning a Street Fighter title on the Gameboy Advance when I was younger – and one thing I…


Super Crate Box Is Chaotic Retro Coolness, Requiring The Reflexes Of A Jungle Cat

Today Vlambeer’s popular PC game Super Crate Box finally makes its way to iOS platforms in all its retro glory. A fun and frenetic endless platformer (of sorts), Super Crate Box is “GAME ON” from the get go as you use the on-screen left, right, fire and jump buttons to dodge, shoot, knife and flambe…


Don’t Let His Cute Looks Fool You, Red Ball 3 Is A Challenging Little Puzzler

In Red Ball 3, you play as the titular character–a red ball with a face. There is an animation when you first start the game that gives the overall story–the evil Black Ball has kidnapped your girlfriend, a purple ball, and you must rescue her by making your way through all 20 levels. In each…